Something different for Lennox Racing Team in the first round of COTF Euro Series in Valencia

Lots of experimentation in Valencia, where the team was represented in OK-Junior by Noah Wolfe, Raul Zunzarren, Miquel Blascos, Matias Orjuela, Matus Ryba, and Louis Castellini, while in OK by Aaron Garcia, Petr Ageev, and Xavier Avramides. For this race the workflow was set up in a different way, considering the crucial appointment of the European Championship which will start on this track in two weeks.

Once again, Wolfe put on track a remarkable pace during the weekend. The English driver has been extremely fast since free practice, catching a promising P20 overall and showing a good feeling with the track. Unfortunately, Noah wasn’t lucky at all during this race: an incident during one of the heats compromised a few of his results before the hottest phase of the weekend, forcing him to approach the prefinal in P20. Wolfe kept pushing hard and despite some other tricky situations in superheats and the final was able to conclude in 19th position, adding another positive result in these first weeks of the season. Also, Raul Zunzarren gave everything in his home race, remaining on a high level of performance in all crucial phases and concluding with a well-deserved P22 after a comeback of four positions in the final round. Miquel Blascos, Matias Orjuela, Matus Ryba, and Louis Castellini had some more difficulties even also because of their lack of experience, but they still proved to be extremely proactive with the team, doing their job well and helping to collect valuable data.

In OK Senior Garcia tried to do something special on one of his favorite tracks, even to repay the great support shown to him by the Spanish public. After a promising P21 overall in qualifying practice, Aaron was able to improve his performance more and more during the various heats reaching also a top 10 placement which afford him to look forward to the superheats with a lot of self-confidence.

Garcia probably showed his best pace of the weekend in the superheats and fought hard also in the final round, crossing the line in P18 after a tough race in which he was forced to deal with a lot of competitive opponents and some strange situations. Xavier Avramides made also significant steps forward this weekend, reaching the superheats after showing some interesting things between practice and most of all heats: a great injection of confidence for the Australian driver, who continues on his growth path without excessive pressure. In Valencia, however, things weren’t easy for Ageev, who fought hard despite the difficulties that emerged from practice and kept working for the team even in the toughest moments.

Changes to the usual work plan allowed us to gather as much information and data as possible even in anticipation of the first round of the European Championship, which the Lennox team wants to approach with ambition and desire to leave the mark.

Jordon Lennox-Lamb, Team Manager: “The whole team did an excellent job here in Valencia, especially because by choosing to try something new we have changed our workflow in several ways and this could have created more than a few difficulties for us. I was very surprised about how our drivers adapted themselves, preparing at their best for the European championship in which if they’ll maintain this approach they will surely be able to obtain important results”.