CL C28-S16

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We present the new developments of the 2023 season that will be introduced in the Birel ART – Freeline karts and products for the YEAR 2024.

The acronym that characterizes the new models for 2024 will be S16.

Based on the S15 models, like every year we worked during the racing season to further develop and implement the performances of our karts, modifying geometries, the materials and some accessories, introducing new details to always have a better product both on quality level and on performance, confirmed once again by the numerous successes that we had during the season.


C28-S16: Homologation nr. – 007/CH/92

Upgrade in the material of the frame and of the components

  • New engine lock in bolted aluminum
  • Steering column hi tech standard


  • Brake: the DD2 chassis will be equipped with the new front brake system I25x2 RR Evo that has been tested in the 2023 season in the KZ category. It is characterized by a greater braking power that generates a better balance and a better performance.
    On all the chassis with braking system RR EVO there will be new braking pads SBS standard (better than the previous version). Code 10.14708.00
  • Support axle bearing: the new support axle bearing in forged aluminum will improve the stability of the kart and the grip of the braking. – code 10.16676.00.
  • Engine lock: the new engine lock HI TECH, for the OK category, will not be welded anymore but will be detachable and exchangeable when needed.– code 20.16495.10-NE.
  • Axels: a new axel 30x5x960 H model with hardness of 80 Kg will be introduced in the FREELINE range. code 20.7196.06–H.
  • Sportswear: the 2022 BirelART-Alpinestar line will remain in production with some improvements in the materials and in the finishes.