Tough weekend, but remarkable effort for Lennox Racing Team in the the fourth round of FIA OK/OKJ European Championship

Another race full of unforeseen events in Denmark for our team: on Rødby Karting Ring, a 1,245m-long highly selective venue, difficulties are always around the corner. Our drivers for this race were Luis Castellini, Noah Wolfe, and Matias Orjuela, all involved in the OKJ category.

Despite some difficulties during free practices, the team and drivers worked hard in order to find as much speed as possible since from qualifying practice: Matias Orjuela caught a P10 in his group, P24 overall at less than a half-second from the fastest in one of the most balanced qualifying practice of the season, while Wolfe and Castellini had much more difficulties and despite the enormous effort they had to settle around P20 in their respective groups.

In the Heats our guys kept pushing as much as possible, driving over their limits in crucial moments. Some heats were particularly positive for Wolfe, who made up over 10 places in the first two, and Orjuela: both our drivers secured more than one top 10 placement thanks to a very aggressive approach, while Castellini showed encouraging steps forward despite having often finished in the rear. Unfortunately, our team’s performance was highly conditioned by some incidents and tricky situations, which hindered our overall results.

In the end, Wolfe’s performance on Sunday turned out to be simply astonishing. The English driver completely forgot all the problems that occurred in the qualifying heats and thanks to newfound confidence with track and car were one of the absolute protagonists of the final race, concluded in P24: a result that may seem disappointing, but which instead rewards a great mental reaction after all the problems he had during the weekend. Orjuela and Castellini instead unfortunately not made the final: however their pace was confirmed throughout the heats, and luck simply just hasn’t been on their side.

Jordon Lennox-Lamb, Team Manager: “We leave Denmark with a bit of disappointment for the final result, but also with extraordinary mental strength and confidence in ourselves. I’m so pleased by the fact that when things get more difficult we always manage to give even more: this is the mentality that we have to keep if we want to come back to fight for the first positions”.