Bittersweet sensations for Lennox Racing Team in second round of WSK Super Masters Series

Another hard weekend full of learning for our drivers in Franciacorta. On Franciacorta Karting Track the team was represented in MINI Gr.3 by Alexander Kortenov and Mats Van Roojien, in OK-Junior by Noah Wolfe, Raul Perez Zunzarren, Louis Castellini, and Mini Amengual Blascos in OK by Xavier Avramides and Peter Ageev and in KZ2 by Matteo Viganò and Robin Glerum.

Viganò has been undoubtedly our fastest driver this though weekend. Matteo seemed to be extremely on point since free practice and confirmed all these good sensations with a P12 in his qualifying group (23rd overall). The Italian driver put on track an excellent mix of speed and self-confidence and raised the bar even further in the heats, with two top 10 placements and a top 5 in the second one which meant for him a starring role in the hot phase of the weekend. in the decisive moment, Viganò brought out the best of his qualities, forgetting immediately his problems in the prefinal and captivating the crowd with overtakes and no-holds-barred battles on the track. A final driven as an absolute protagonist, which earned him a well-deserved seventh-place finish after a comeback of 18 positions. In the same category, Robin Glerum had a few more problems adapting to the track, but he never lost his spirit, giving his all in every phase of the weekend. After a difficult qualifying practice closed in P39, the dutch driver showed interesting things in the heats, also taking home a top 20 placement in one of the three heats. However, his race ended without qualifying for the final stage.

In MINI Van Roojien and Kortenov kept the same times for the entire duration of the qualifying practice, concluding respectively in P32 and P35 overall. On the other hand, the work of both in the heats was excellent: Mats conquered a placement in the top 5 and two in the top 10 showing a stunning all-around condition, while Alexander fought hard, often remaining close to the best on track and only moving away from the first positions only for a matter of details. Unfortunately, the Russian driver had some problems in the prefinal and didn’t reach his teammate in the final, while Van Roojien put together an extremely solid race and closed in P25 with five positions gained from the start.

For our guys engaged in the OKJ category, the weekend in Franciacorta was very important to gain experience and getting even more used to the team’s workflow. The result on the track, in this case, takes second place to the many data collection and above all to the excellent sensations that the drivers let us glimpse. Noah Wolfe demonstrated another time great consistency and was able to rise in tone over the weekend after a far from easy start in qualifying practice. The english driver put on track a very good pace from the heats to the final, concluded in P22 due to a pair of tricky situations which cost him the possibility to fight for a better placement. Zunzarren’s performance also stands out: the Spanish driver caught an astonishing P24 overall in practice after some predictable difficulties in the heats, while Castellini and Blascos gave their all and despite the delay in the standings they adapted quite well to a very difficult and technical track, never easy to fully understand. The appointment with the qualification in the final has only been postponed but will arrive in the next races.

The same analysis and same positive sensations for Ageev and Avramides beyond the result: their position in the standings of all rounds certainly didn’t reflect how well they worked in the OK category, especially in the heats closed respectively in P47 and P48.

Jordon Lennox-Lamb, Team Manager: “The results didn’t reward us, but I remain fully convinced about how drivers and team guys worked and gave their best from the first to the last minute of this difficult weekend. With this spirit things can only improve from the next commitments: we just have to keep going and be patient”.