A weekend full of emotions for Lennox Racing Team in WSK Super Masters Series opening round

An exciting first act of the 2023 season has took place in Lonato, a new chapter for the story of our team with a lot of opportunities and chances to prove how much we’ve improved from the last year. On South Garda Circuit the team was represented in MINI Gr.3 by Koptehob Kortenov and Mats Van Roojien, in OK Junior by Noah Wolfe, in OK by Petr Ageev and Xavier Avramides and in KZ2 by Matteo Viganò, Ivan Ekelchik and Lorenzo Ferrari.

Wolfe has been the driver who for sure showed off the most in this weekend. Noah started with a solid run in qualifying practice with a P6 in the second group who afford him to approach at the heats in 17th place. The English driver has shown himself to be very comfortable with his CL Kart, finding immediately the right pace, catching two top5 and other two top10 placements out of five heats overall. On Sunday, after some unlucky problems during the Prefinal Noah literally took the stage in the final, closed in P17 after an incredible race built with pure speed and a long sequence of overtakes and hard battles on track.

Great job also from our guys in other categories. In MINI Gr.3 the weekend didn’t start in the best possible way for Van Roojien and Kortenov, who who closed qualifying in 35th and 65th place, using them to get familiar with the track. Mats was also able to place in P9 in his first heat, while despite some difficulties Koptehob fought really hard showing some great comebacks. Unfortunately neither of them managed to qualify for the final. Same fate in OK for Ageev and Avramides, whose weekend has been a bit conditioned by some inconveniences. Despite a great attitude still from the beginning of the warm-up, Petr and Xavier stayed pretty far from the best cronos both in qualifying practice and heats even if they never stopped working hard to try and change their weekend’s inertia. In KZ2, during qualifying practice Ekelchik and Viganò lapped on track with practically the same times, while Ferrari finished further back in the standings. Both Ivan and Matteo improved conspicuously in the heats, putting together a total of three placements in the top10 and showing a speed in line with the best on track. Qualified for the last round respectively in P21 and P28, in final they failed to emerge from the center of the group despite the various attempts at overtaking.

Jordon Lennox-Lamb, Team Manager: “I’m pretty satisfied about our first big appointment of this year. All our drivers did their best and with their aggressive and concentrated approach they allowed us to immediately understand that we are dealing with more than prepared drivers. I’m sure that we’ll do a significant step forward from last season, working hard in order to be increasingly competitive race after race.”