A bit of disappointment for Lennox Racing Team in the last round of Champions of the Future Euro Series

Franciacorta didn’t bring any particular satisfaction to us, but it was an important stage in a journey that will lead the team to be as much ready as possible in view of some key appointments in the coming weeks. The team was represented by Ean Eyckmans and Petr Ageev in OK and by Matias Orjuela, Noah Wolfe, and Louis Castellini in OK Junior.

Ean Eyckmans was the one who certainly showed that he found the best feeling with the track in this tricky weekend. The Belgian had a strong start from qualifying, with an excellent 6th place finish in his group, and continued to show good pace in the heats as well. Eyckmans was quite fast in all heats and at the expense of some tricky situations he finished on a crescendo in the five races with two top 5 finishes in the last two outings, having already taken a 6th place in one of the first three. Unfortunately, after a great start and an exciting comeback in the final round, Ean was forced to retire due to a snapped chain which, in fact, put an end at his ambitions. A real shame for Eyckmans, who otherwise proved another time his high level of confidence in this phase of his growing path.

Despite their apparently disappointing results, Ageev, Orjuela, Castellini, and Wolfe did a great job, putting everything on track in all sessions and helping the team collect a lot of fundamental data in order to arrive at the best possible preparation for the World Championship scheduled in the first week of October.

Jordon Lennox-Lamb, Team Manager: “The result on the track is not always the only thing that matters. We live to compete at the highest level every chance we get, and to do our best at these levels we must always be able to make the best of ourselves, even on bad days. The guys have been great, accepting to work for the team and putting everything on track even when things haven’t gone their way. The World Cup is coming up, and with this spirit, I am convinced we will do great things”.