Bittersweet ending for Lennox Racing Team at the FIA Karting OK/OKJ World Championship

At Franciacorta Karting Track our team was represented by Ean Eyckmans, Petr Ageev, and Lee Kyuho in OK and by Noah Wolfe, Mees Houben, Matias Orjuela, Louis Castellini, and Theo Salomao in OKJ.

The final race in the OK category was hectic: there were several overtakes, twists and turns, and lots of tricky situations. Ean Eyckmans, who finished his world championship officially in 15th position but actually, like many others, prematurely ended his final. Despite a disappointing result, Ean proved to everyone that he is currently one of the most consistent drivers in the entire circus. A really missed opportunity for the Belgian, who after consistent qualifying sessions (4th of his group) reconfirms his pace in the heats, even winning one of them and keeping the pace of the leading pack. Ean confirmed that he had pace, speed, and a great mentality on Sunday as well, in which although he failed to achieve a great result he always remained focused and gave it all on track. Good performances also for Petr Ageev and Lee Kyuho, at his absolute debut with us: a few occasional exploits and a very good working relationship with the rest of the team still make their performance more than remarkable, although to stay in touch with the very top positions will often require something that neither has been found.

Noah Wolfe was instead the only one of our drivers in the Junior category to gain a place in the final, in which he finished in 25th position due to a contact at the start, which, does not detract from the excellent speed shown throughout the weekend. On the pace since qualifying practice, Wolfe made a strong start right away by obtaining 4th place in his reference group (P19 overall) and then had a very important speed in the heats, at the end of which he managed to climb up to 10th place. Once again, the only element that could stop his talent was a good dose of bad luck at the crucial moment. Even all our other drivers put on track a lot of positive steps forward, despite a bittersweet weekend: Orjuela and Houben didn’t find the right continuity despite a very good pace shown in some of his best moments, while Castellini and Salomao took advantage of such an important weekend to rack up more laps and improve.

Jordon Lennox-Lamb, Team Manager: “I would be lying if I said that this was the result I was hoping for in the most important race of the season, but sometimes some signs are more important than the results. In Franciacorta I saw a team who never gave up, especially in the most difficult situations. I hope this aspect, in particular, could represent a confidence boost for the drivers in the near future as well: the guys are growing in terms of performance and focus and will soon arrive at the continuity needed to stay on top”.